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Mom Names Daughter After Lorelai Gilmore and She Is the Biggest “Gilmore Girls” Fan

She hears the theme song to the show and comes RUNNING.

There are certain TV shows you expect toddlers to like: Sesame Street, Cocomelon, that type of thing. But sometimes, every now and then, a little one takes an interest in a program that's typically considered a "grown-up" show (i.e., no puppets or singing or cartoons). Such is the case with the little girl in this video from @brittanylorhanson. She's basically been primed to love the show Gilmore Girls since before she was even born, as her mom explains: She rewatched the whole series when she was pregnant, and loved it so much that she even named her daughter Lorelai. Now she comes running when she hears the theme music.


How cute that she loves hearing her name on TV! And how much fun for mom that she gets to bond with her little one over a show she actually enjoys, too. How much fun is that? It's so adorable that they go to coffee shops after big brother goes to school. It's like Gilmore Girls has truly become a way of life for them. And comments showed that this mom is far from the only GG fan who thought of naming her daughter after the beloved character:
"I love the name Lorelai so much!"
"I wanted to name my daughter Lorelai so bad!"
"I love this. I wanted to name my daughter Lorelai but we ended up doing a family name."
"my son was going to be lorelai"
"I have a Lorelai after Lorelai too"
It'll be interesting to see if there are enough Lorelais out there for the name to make an appearance on the list of most popular for 2022. Sounds like there are definitely going to be enough out there for some of these Lorelais to potentially meet in the future!