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Toddler's Passionate Goodbye to Her Pacifier Is Hilarious

She's not looking back!

The battle of the binkies is something so many toddlers and even preschoolers have to go through. It's like giving up something that's been a part of them for their entire lives...anyone who's ever had to break a habit understands how incredibly difficult the transition must be. 

In this video from @tekab0, a little girl mouths along to a song devoted to her now long-gone pacifier as if it were a toxic partner she's better off without, and she definitely brings the drama.


It's so ridiculous how cute that little dance is! She's over it, you guys. Pacifiers are a thing of her past. As her mom wrote:

"2 months strong NO BINKY Whenever she sees one she tells me it’s for babies and reassures herself that she’s a BIG GIRL Both my girls were paci babies REAL BAD!"

Commenters could totally relate:
"Yay get it boo!"
"Pleasasssse help me! How did you do it? My daughter is 2 and she is addicted lol lol"
"Great song for her accomplishment congrats"
"I can't handle how cute she is!!! So sassy and fierce"
"Yes girl ! This recovery stuff is one day at a time baby"
"The tiny eyeroll I can't with the cuteness"

It definitely seems like this little girl is going to be just fine without her pacifier. She's moved on and she's going places and she's got the sunglasses to prove it.