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Toddler and Grandma Are Both Determined to Have the Last Word

They're having quite a debate.

Don't think that just because a child is a toddler that they can't have a full on conversation with you. Because plenty of super animated toddlers can not only have full on conversations before they can speak, they can have full on arguments, too. Especially if they're particularly sassy. A lack of technical "words" doesn't stand in their way. Truly expressive toddlers find a way to get their point across, no matter what.

The toddler in this video from @lowellloallen  is pretty skilled at the art of debate, even if you can't understand a word he's saying. He definitely seems to understand what his grandma is saying, and he's not having it. He's determined to have the last word in this fight, that's for sure. 

So grandma doesn't want him to touch her stuff, eh? Well maybe he wants to touch her stuff again! Yeah! And maybe he doesn't want to hear that from you right now, grandma! His walking back-and-forth is hilarious. He's done with he's not! Grandma must be trying so hard not to laugh. Hey, he's got to learn not to touch her stuff. On the other hand, he's also learning a valuable form of communication within his family. If he comes from a family of loud talkers, he's got to learn how to hold up. 

Commenters were highly amused by this exchange:
"He cussed her out in baby language"
"he said Imma be quiet but when you leave I'll be talking again"
"He talks a lot of stuff for someone whose onesie is unsnapped"
"it's the walk off for me then was like "and another thing,"
"I wish I had a baby translator. I would love to know what he was saying to her."

Can't wait until this little one actually starts talking for real...he's going to have so much to say!