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Mom Captures Toddler 'Talking' To Imaginary Friend and It Gets a Little Spooky

Perhaps it is time for a little sage?

Parents teach their kids a lot. First words, using a potty, drinking from a cup, you get the picture. But one of the most surprising things that parents learn for themselves is just how intuitive kids really are. Sure, you are important and deeply impact their development, but there are some things that come to so many kids naturally, one of them being playing. The ability to imagine and play shows up extremely early in kids, and in fact, play is often the tool used to teach them basic life-skills.

So when a mom captures her toddler playing at a super young age, there is nothing weird about that. What you don't see every day? A toddler looking like they are having a full-blown conversation with an imaginary friend. And what's more, you don't typically see them running after said imaginary friend. One mom caught her toddler doing both, and based on the little girl's reaction, whatever she was seeing wasn't friendly. 


The little girl absolutely books it down the hallway both following something and then later seemingly running from it. When the mom asks here "what did you see" the little one just looks at her and toddles away.

In the comments section, everyone was almost unanimously convinced that kid was seeing *something* we clearly couldn't. 

TikToker @user7583209966869 wrote "Kids see a lot of things that we don't. Trust them."

While several other parents shared their own paranormal experiences with their children.

"My oldest had an invisible friend," @DisneyLover added. "One day Katie was gone. I asked Lily where is Katie. She said in your tummy. Found out later I was pregnant."