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Toddler Is Pretty Harsh About Dad’s New Song


If there's one thing you can generally count on toddlers for, it's honesty. They're just not that great at hiding their feelings yet. It's not that they're trying to be rude or anything, it's just that they think what they think and that's the only thing they know how to express. 

Like the adorable toddler in this video from @charliegeter. Her dad has a new song he wants to sing her. It's just a simple song; "Charlie is my best friend," is the first line. But we never really find out what the second line is, because Charlie starts singing along with her own version of the lyrics. 


Burn!! Not only did she just totally start singing over her dad, she basically told him that nope, she's not his best friend...but mommy is her best friend. (To be fair, it says so right on her t-shirt.) Sorry dude, it's nice you made up a song and all, but she's gonna just fix those lyrics because MOMMY is her best friend. And if you make her try to talk about it, she's just gonna run away.

Commenters loved everything about Charlie and her dad:
"Charlie: REMIXXXXX!!"
"Don’t worry Dad, when’s she hits 12 you’ll become her favorite and Mom will be the enemy until she’s out of her teens"
"She said what she said."
"charlie takes her shirt veryyy seriously"
"LMFAO she learned the song that quick just to remix it"
"She said nice try but ehhhh not quite"

Maybe next time dad will get to sing his whole song and Charlie will actually listen? Or maybe he should just write his song about mommy.