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Genius 1-Year-Old Believes He Tricked His Mom Into Thinking He Ate All His Vegetables

This mama is gonna’ have to watch her back!

For as long as there have been kids and vegetables, there have been kids who avoid eating their vegetables. When they're little, they usually do so by throwing them on the floor — anyone who's ever had to clean up around a high chair after dinner can attest to that. 

But there's at least one little boy out there who's a bit more polite! In a TikTok video shared by his mom, we get to see a 1-year-old who enacted a master plan of his own to get out of eating his vegetables. Uh, figuring out how to do this at such a young age, he might be a genius. 


As handy as those silicone bibs are with the pockets from helping to keep at least some of the mealtime mess off of the floor, this little guy found a way to use that pocket even more to his (personal) advantage by hiding all of his veggies in there so it would look like he ate them.

"My one year old thinking I won't notice he didn't eat his vegetables at supper tonight," Mom captioned the video. 

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He looks like he's pretty secure in his trick, too — he really thinks he's getting away with something! And we are pretty impressed, both with how smart he is and how good he is at using that fork!

Fighting the vegetable battle is something that goes on for years, but kids aren't always this adorable when they try to get out of eating them. 

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