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Toddler's Close Call Shows Why We Hold Babies on Beds


Having two kids under the age of 2 is a huge challenge, to say the least, but at least there are pros, too. Like the fact that sibings who are so close in age always have a playmate, not to mention a super tight bond. Of course, it takes time for relationships to grow. When that new baby first comes home, there's a period of time where the baby and the toddler need to get comfortable with each other. It's not always easy, but it's always worth it. You just need to take things slow and be careful. Like when you let your toddler hold the baby, as in this video by @fluellenfam. Everything is going okay at first...she's doing a great job holding the baby up! She even adjusts the baby so things are a little more comfortable. And then...a momentary lapse.


She was so on board at first there, she really was. She was having a good time being a big sister! Yup, everything was going just fine. Who can say why things went wrong? Maybe she got bored, maybe she got distracted. Maybe the baby was starting to get heavy. In all honesty, maybe she just forgot that you have to keep holding the baby or else...whoops!
"She logged out for the day," said one commenter.
"You can literally see the moment she thought 'ok, that's enough,'" said another.
"I'm over this baby mom, bring him back to the store," joked yet another. 
Babies are a lot of work! Even holding them takes all sorts of focus and concentration. Good thing mom is on hand to make sure that little one always has a soft place to land. 

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