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Dad Was Sick of Kid Messing With Lamp So He Made a Drastic Move

We wonder if he is going to regret that choice.

If you have a baby or a toddler in your house, baby proofing is a fact of life. It's like kids this age are intentionally trying to hurt themselves, even when you're watching, so having locks on the appliances and baby gates set up can help us avoid any major accidents that take place while they're running free. 

But this dad on TikTok is definitely taking baby proofing to the next level! As a mom shared in her video, their nearly two year old son was messing with a lamp in their living room, and to avoid anything happening to it, Dad decided to take matters into his own hands with a rather creative solution.


Yes, he is actually super gluing the lamp to the table (and the Home Depot music playing as the audio on this video is really just too perfect). This is such a dad solution to the problem, and of course, it'll probably help keep the lamp on the table... but something tells us he's going to end up regretting this choice eventually. After all, how is this not going to damage the table or the lamp (or both)? 

The commenters on the video are definitely entertained by the dad's idea.

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"He's so fed up and as a parent of a baby, I couldn’t understand more," one person wrote.

Another commented, "My dad super glued our tv remote to a block of wood because he was tired of us (him) losing it." 

Hey, it seems like this will definitely work... but how long until the whole table goes toppling over? 

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