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Toddler ‘Destroys’ White Car With Red Lipstick and No One Can Believe This Really Happened

Kid’s gonna’ be in time-out for life.

Listen, there is no such thing as the “perfect toddler.” You might think the entire world of your little one, but the truth is thy all have the capacity to be thorough little turds. This is especially true for anyone who dares to turn their back on one of them. Almost as if they are set on punishing you for paying attention to literally anything else for a few moments, toddlers can do a lot of damage in a very small amount of time. 

Having been the victim of a terrorizing toddler, I can confidently say this: Sometimes all you can do is laugh and hit “record,” which is exactly what this parent did when they caught their toddler vandalizing their car with lipstick.


Ah yes, that is a bunch of expensive lipstick being used to deface a car. What’s probably even funnier is that the little one tried to make a getaway when they got caught.

Over 55k people were in utter shock at the levels of insanity going on here. 

“My parents would quite literally murder me,” one TikTok user confidently wrote. 

While others saw the humor is the whole thing.

“That ain’t no hit and run that’s a write and run,” joked another user.

The truth is, given a few moments alone with a distracted parent and any toddler is capable of doing this much damage. And hey, maybe this parent got lucky and this is somehow covered under insurance? A mom can dream.