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Toddler Absolutely Nails Lizzo’s Viral TikTok Dance

She is too sassy and too sweet.

There's nothing cuter than a toddler trying to mimic an adult song and dance routine, especially if that song and dance routine is by Lizzo and involves lots of sass. Sure, toddlers don't always get all the little steps and moves down perfectly, but they more than make up for it with their enthusiasm. Whether it's in a professional dance class or just in a parent or sibling's TikTok or some such. they try so hard to get every beat down right. 

This video from @emilyfauver shows a toddler trying to master Lizzo's latest viral TikTok hit, and she's doing a pretty great job. Sure, she's a little rough around the edges and needs the occasional prompt. But overall, she's definitely got it going on. 

That girl is going places! She definitely knows what she's doing. Even if, as the mom wrote, "Sorry @lizzo she thinks this is @JoJo Siwa song because she watches her dance to it on repeat." Hey, whatever works! It's so cute to see how hard kids try to learn all the steps to these things, and it's probably great for their cognitive development, too. 

Commenters were totally charmed: 
"What a freakin cutie. She tries so hard but it doesn't matter if she messes up a lil bit bc she is so freakin cute"
"the way she kept her hand held as a “cup” so she didn’t lose it"
"The way she’s so distracted by the two shots fingers the second time round! SUPER CUTE! My 3YO is obsessed with this song too"
"such michelle tanner vibes and i literally love it every time"
"I think I like this version so much better"

You've got to keep them learning stuff all the time so they don't get bored! And so you have adorable memories like this one.