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Mom's Experiment to See if Toddler Will Lie to Her Dad Goes Adorably Wrong

She was really doing well for a minute there.

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For most parents, honestly is something we really want to instill in our children. After all, lying can get you into big trouble — especially as an adult — so it's pretty common to make a big deal out of teaching our kids that it's not acceptable. But sometimes, exceptions must be made... like when the time comes to play a prank on Dad.

In a video one mom shared on TikTok, she told both of her kids to lie to their dad. Although they spent their afternoon seeing a movie and eating junk food, she asked them to tell him that they played at the park and ate healthy snacks. Her toddler was all in on the plan, but seeing her carry it out when they got home was truly too funny.


At first, things were going pretty well. She told her dad that she went to the park, just like her mom asked her to, but then, when he started asking for details, the whole thing began to unravel. 

And after she kept checking with her mom for confirmation that she was saying the right things (those little looks she was giving her were too much) her dad knew exactly what was going on. So cute! 

In the end, it all worked out for the best — it's not the worst thing in the world to have a child who is a bad liar, after all.