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Toddler Adorably Finds Out She Has a Baby Sister the First Time They Meet

She was destined to have a little sister.

First meetings between siblings are always dicey, especially when the big sister or brother in question is a toddler. Regardless of how excited they've been leading up to the big day, who knows how they're actually going to react? And no matter how it goes, it's likely to be a memory that lives on in their parents' minds forever.

And for one little girl, it was the day she found out if she got a little brother or a little sister. As dad David Henrie (yes, the same one who starred in Wizards of Waverly Place) shared on TikTok, Pia was so excited to meet the new baby in the family at the hospital, and when she got there, she had no idea if it was a boy or a girl.


Seeing her excitement outside of the hospital was cute enough, but our favorite part might be when she and her dad were inside and she announced "I'm gonna kiss her. I love her!" 

This isn't Pia's first rodeo as a big sister (she also has a younger brother) but seeing her light up when baby Gemma was placed in her arms was too adorable. 

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And then when she actually introduced herself to the newborn? Amazing! 

This baby seems to be pretty lucky to have been born into a family of people so excited to meet her (especially her big sis). This is the start of a beautiful friendship! 

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