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Toddler Is Less Than Thrilled to Meet New Sibling


It's one of the most potentially loaded scenarios ever in the course of a family's lfe: Introducing a newborn baby to their big sibling. In large part, the age of the child will determine how this premiere meeting goes: Older kids might understand the gravity of the situation and get a little emotional, or get so excited that they can barely contain themselves. Younger kids might get a little too enthusiastic and want to hold the baby with no help (when they're not quite ready for that step). Still younger kids might have a completely different take on the newborn joining their household.

In this video from @stinkysmom, we see a very young big sister meeting her just born little sister for the very first time. Is she excited? Er...tough to say?


Welp, they'll just have to try again a little later. This problematic introduction in no way means that the rest of their relationship will be acrimonious. Chances are that toddler will be loving on the new baby within the next hour or so. For now, though, wonder what would happen if...smack!

Commenters were highly amused by this pair...
"Literally what our 18 month old does to his new sister"
"Well that escalated rapidly"
"This is just the beginning i repeat….this is just the beginning"
"Welp…that was NOT kisses"
"She says girl I basically just got here what you doin"
"That’s what l was waiting for. I was not disappointed. The slap comes quick and lands without warning."
"The first of many hits. This is why the 2nd one ain’t scared of nothing!"

Clearly, this family is not alone in their difficulties. Seems like it's pretty much the norm for toddlers to beat on their baby siblings a bit! No doubt the last thing their parents want to deal with, but surely this phase will pass quickly.