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Mom Shares Why Letting Toddlers Make a Mess Saves Everyone's Sanity

Sometimes, "occupied" is more important than "clean."

Is there anyone on earth more adept at making messes than a toddler? Having a child under the age of five (and okay, even over the age of five) under your roof is like living with a constant tornado in your house. Most of the time, we try to contain the mess, but sometimes, we just have to throw our hands up and roll with it.

If your approach is more lax when it comes to mess, you're definitely going to agree with this mom on TikTok. She shared why she lets her kid empty out the cabinets in the kitchen, and we have to agree with her — sometimes, the path of least resistance is the one you have to take as a mom.


In the video, Mom is sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, looking like she's just about given up. "When your child is bringing every pot and pan you own into the living room but it's fine because you're being left alone," she wrote. 

What makes the video even better is the audio she chose to go with it — once you hear it, you'll probably understand how well it sums up a lot of parents' approaches about 80 percent of the time.

Sure, let them make a mess if it brings you peace and sanity, especially if it's a mess that can easily be picked up later or if it's a particularly difficult day. Who cares? 

We can clean up the mess when they're asleep... or tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Sometimes, our main and only goal is getting through the day, and that's totally okay!