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2-Year-Old’s Morning Ritual Is Adorable

He's always got the blanket.

They say kids thrive on routine, and it's true that they are creatures of habit. Lots of kids are happiest when they do the same things at the same times every day, when they eat the same snacks, read the same books, watch the same shows...kind of like the little boy in this video from @natandlennon. The 2-year-old has a little morning tradition, which involves running into his parents' room early every morning...with his trusty blanket, of course. 


So cute! Especially the footage from the monitor, where we get to see him wake up and walk out with his blankie. It's just too adorable. You can almost hear him thinking, "Here I go, going into mommy and daddy's room again with my blankie..." At least it seems like he's sleeping in his room most of the time.  It's just the kind of thing that makes for such cute memories. And it's also the kind of thing that little kids grow out of all too quickly. Someday, those parents will look back at these mornings wistfully. 

Commenters were so charmed by this sweet little boy:
"at 2am: "welpp it's that time again, another day another dollar""
"so sweet!! With the little peek inside first"
"He's a very good boy, he wants to be near y'all but he also gives you guys y'all space."
"The little hands grabbing the blankets"
"Okay so it’s not just my son who drags his entire bedroom out every morning. I love the solidarity of tik tok"

At least he's letting mom and dad sleep!