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Mom Both Impressed and Confused When First Thing Toddler Asks For In the Morning Is His Yoga Mat

She jokingly thinks something is literally in the air.

When you wake up (at the crack of dawn) with your toddler, you probably know exactly what to expect. They're gonna want breakfast, they might want to watch their favorite show, they might just want cuddles from Mom. But every once in awhile, they'll really come up with something that we totally didn't expect.

One mom on TikTok is telling a story about one of those times with her kiddo that really blew her away. Apparently, he woke up and immediately asked for his yoga mat — talk about starting the day on the right foot! 


Then, this precious baby asked his mama to put on his yoga video so he could do his "morning stretches." Hearing this, combined with the photo she shared of him doing yoga on his dinosaur mat, might be the cutest thing ever.

It is a little bit out of left field, though, because according this lady, she and her husband don't even do yoga themselves, so it's not like he's following their example. Instead, she thinks it might have something to do with the town in Oregon they live in. 

"I think it's just Eugene," she said. "I think it's the air here, it makes little kids want to do yoga and drink kefir and eat seaweed chips for a snack. It's just what happens."

Given that Eugene, Oregon does have a rep for having a hippie vibe, she might be onto something there.

But doing a little yoga every morning is a good habit for her kiddo to get into. We don't hate it!