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Stubborn Toddler Hysterically Refuses to Apologize For Hitting Brother

She is not budging.

Toddlers are good at all kinds of things. Playing with toys. Laughing at stuff. Falling down. Waking up when they're not supposed to. The list goes on. One thing toddlers are not particularly skilled at, however, is apologizing. Communication in general can be a little tricky, actually, but apologies are a particular weak spot.

In this video from @thoseelliottkids, a toddler girl has apparently hit her brother. It's time for her to say she's sorry, but she seems to have no interest in apologizing, or even acknowledging the need to apologize. 


It's gonna be tough to get this one to crack, it seems. That could be a good thing...if she were being interrogated by enemy spies or something, she'd be excellent at keeping any national secrets to herself. Commenters loved her attitude and commitment...

"Lmaoooo sis said to you it’s wrong but to me it’s right."

Not gonna Happen"

She looking at you like you tell him"

She closed her eyes to pray about it. It's still No."

She’s not apologizing……. Not now not never”In all seriousness, a sincere apology might be asking a lot from a toddler. Probably the best you can really get is an obligatory “sorry” said in a tone of voice that makes it clear the toddler is not, in fact, sorry. Oh well. One thing at a time, right?