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Toddler Assures Mom “It’s Ok to Be Fat” In the Most Devastatingly Sweet Way

She’s not wrong people.

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Our society spends an awful lot of time telling us all the many ways in which we're not good enough. Either we're not rich enough, or good-looking enough, or smart enough, or successful enough, or thin enough. There aren't a lot of people who go out of their way to counteract those messages, either. It feels like it's up to us to just tell ourselves we're okay, but it's hard to pull ourselves up day after day.

That's what makes this video from @eatmyshorts_h0e so heartbreakingly sweet. A little girl is telling her mom, appropos of nothing, that it's okay to be fat. Nothing else,'s okay. To be fat. No big deal. And all with the sweetest smile you've ever seen in your life. 

What a doll! Who knows what inspired her to say these sweet words? Whatever the cause, you get the sense that this is exactly what her mom needed to hear right now. Because obviously, it is okay to be fat. For the love of god! It's okay to be fat. It's okay to be skinny. It's okay to be whatever you are. You are still worthy of love!

Commenters just fell in love with this little girl...
"It's the pat on the stomach that kills me"
"So sweet and so devastating at the same time"
"My son told me he liked my stretch marks. Good cause you were the artist sir."
"My daughter was about her age and asked why I have stripes"
"This lil empath! You can see her realizing how her answer might make you sweet."
"Mine told me today I have a big fat belly like SANTA"
"She's not wrong. She's your hype girl."

What a beautiful child. The look in her eyes is pure love, and there's nothing like the love between a mom and her little one!