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Toddler Passport Photo Hack Is Genius

Nothing to see behind that sheet.

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What with parents documenting every minute of our children's lives on our phones, most toddlers are pretty comfortable getting their photos taken under pretty much any circumstance these days. Except, of course, when they don't feel like getting their picture taken, and that usually happens when they actually need to get their picture taken for some official reason. 

That's what's going on in this hilarious video from @thecarlinfamily. The toddler daughter has zero interest in being put down to sit on a chair and pose for her passport picture. Zero interest. The problem, of course, is that children need to be photographed by themselves for passports; there can't be any mom or dad in the background. That is, there can't be any visible mom or dad in the background.

With the clever hack this family figured out, any parent in the picture is conveniently invisible...

So smart! It just looks like the toddler is sitting in front of some kind of boring curtain backdrop. 

The funny thing is, this isn't a new practice; if you Google "hidden mother photography," you'll find that this method of a parent hiding under a sheet or similar in a photo was popular in the Victorian era. Apparently the practice arose from the need to keep kids still for long periods of time, as early cameras had long exposure times.

So really, this dad was just tapping into a centuries-old trick for keeping kids quiet during a photo shoot, but thanks to digital photography, the whole thing went much faster than it used to. And perhaps more parents can make use of this in-a-pinch approach, who knows? 

As for getting your kids to look happy in their passport photos, that's a whole different story.