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1-Year-Old Learns How to Make Phone Calls and Takes it Very Seriously

Kids these days are so attached to their phones.

As concerned as many parents are about screen time when their kids are little, it's almost inevitable that toddlers are fascinated by their phones and the way they work. Who among us hasn't had their phone snatched straight out of their hands by a curious toddler? They love pressing touch screens, of course... but they can't actually be expected to properly work a phone at just 1 year old, can they? 

Apparently, some babies are advanced in that department. One mom shared that her 1-year-old learned how to make phone calls on her iPhone all by himself, and he's already obsessed. How quickly it happens! 


This little guy, whose name is Max, looks very proud as he makes a phone call and speaks to whoever is on the other end — it looks like he even figured out how to use speaker phone! From the way he's babbling and pacing as he makes his phone call, it looks like he's copying his parents big time.

Best of all is how seriously he's taking his call. We don't know what exactly his babbling is supposed to mean, but we wouldn't want to be the one on the receiving end of such an intense lecture!

If nothing else, Max is lightyears ahead of his time in phone manners. That experience will serve him well as an adult, when phone calls become impossible to avoid!