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Adorable Little Boy Has Trouble Picking Up Pumpkins

What was that he said?

Pumpkins are so much fun for kids to play with. Even before they're old enough to carve pumpkins, little ones love to play with and be around pumpkins. They're so festive and colorful and round, and they look as much like toys as a lot of actual toys. Why not play with them? The only problem is that they're kinda heavy. 

In this unbelievably cute video from, a little boy really wants to play with some pumpkins. Or he at least wants to carry them around. But phew! Those are some heavy gourds. 


Now, was he saying "sheesh," or what? It doesn't really matter, of course. He's totally justified in saying the other word, because that's just something you say when you're trying to pick up something really heavy and you can't do it. What are you gonna do?

Commenters thought this little boy was so hilarious...
"Too cute!!!!! The little glasses!!!!"
"Now nephew where you learn that at?"
"He said what he said"
"I remember this was kindergarten and I couldn’t carry the pumpkin I wanted because I was weak. I still remember that."
"I don’t think he is saying sheesh lmao"
"Lmfao I mean, if he's not, I can understand."

Tis the season for playing with pumpkins that are almost as big as you! Maybe he'll figure out that sitting on a pumpkin might be a better bet for him right now. And those pajamas just make the whole thing that much cuter.