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Watching This Little Boy Play In the Rain Will Soothe Your Inner Child

He looks so peaceful.

There's nothing more beautiful than watching a toddler discover the simple pleasures of life. A patch of sunlight, a sweet strawberry, a soft bunny...whatever the sensation, it's new to them. The adorable toddler in this video from @julieubad is having his very first experience with rain. It's the perfect kind of rain for a little gushing winds or cold sleet. Just a sweet, soft rain to soak up with every fiber of his being. It's like watching some sort of magic take place; he's so peaceful and happy and low-key astonished at the amazing thing we call rain.


The part where she joins him and he starts giggling! So cute. And it's true what she says...these are lifelong memories they're making, totally for free. The best memories usually are free, of course. It's these simple little moments that we have to allow to happen, but they can only happen when we stop rushing around and take the time to look at the world around us. It's so great that this mom didn't go with her first instinct to get her little boy under cover, but instead allowed him to explore nature and get to know himself and the world a little better. That's our job as parents: to facilitate these little moments that make our children better people in the long run.
"They are innocent and precious like that for such a short time, you enjoy every special wondrous moment," wrote one commenter.
"thank you mama for your child being able to explore the world around him and loving it," wrote another. 
Someday, this little boy will be sayng thank you to his mom for these beautiful memories, too.