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Toddler Decides to Finger Paint the House Red and It looks Like a Straight Up Murder Scene

How that mom is so calm…

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Kids make messes. If you're a parent, the sooner you accept this universal truth, the more at peace you'll be. That said, some messes are bigger than others. There's the everyday sort of mess: toys and cheerios all over the floor, bins knocked over and emptied out, a film of something sticky all over everything. Then there's the sort of spectacular mess that (hopefully) only happens once in a great while...the kind of mess the little boy in this video from @indyclinton made. First of all, it involves paint. Paint on all sorts of places it's not supposed to be. Second of all, that paint is red, so the mess makes it look like the scene of a grisly murder. It's really quite something.


Oh no, no, no. Cleaning this mess up is going to be no fun at all. Let's hope and pray that this is, at the very least, washable paint. Because if it's not...well, I guess she can just change the decor to go with the paint job. On the bright side, her little boy clearly feels free to express himself creatively, and that's a big deal. Nobody wants to repress any artistic tendencies. Maybe this can be a teachable moment...involving a bucket and a sponge.