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Dancing Toddler Has Some Amazing Rhythm

She's got some moves!

There's nothing like a toddler who loves to dance. They have no inhibitions, they just let it all go and dance with everything they've got. Of course, they don't always dance to the beat or anything, but they make up for it with all that enthusiasm.

Now and then, though, you come across a little kid with some amazing natural rhythm, like the one in this video from @camilabailari. Maybe they're born with it, maybe they've been watching their talented relatives dance and just soaked up all the inspiration. Who knows? Whatever the case, this little girl has moves the rest of us can only dream about having.


How can this tiny little thing be such a good dancer? It's just amazing. There are plenty of adults who can't dance half as well. Maybe she's born with it? Or...maybe she's born with it. 

Commenters were totally impressed, naturally...
"Why does this kid have more rhythm than me"
"She dances better than some adults"
"Get it girl. Get it"
"Got more rhythm at 3yrs than most grown folks"
"Go mama go!"
"Love it!! U go little mama!"

Seriously, could anything be any cuter? And when can this kid start giving dance lessons? It just proves that some people are good at things from the time they're tiny, and they just carry those talents with them through life. All we need to do as parents is encourage them.