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Collection of Toddler's "Savage" Moments Is Hilarious

Look out!

Everybody knows that toddlers can be savage creatures. One minute they seem sweet and loving, and maybe even reasonable; seconds later, they're acting like some sort of prehistoric cave-dwelling creature, grunting and throwing things and who knows what else. 

Usually, this behavior is spread out a little bit, with good behavior in between the bad episodes, so you can kind of deal with it. But @lauralove5514 made a compilation of all the times her toddler was totally savage, and OMG. Savage is definitely the right word for it!


How can anybody look so cute while being so naughty? It's hard to say which moment was the most jaw-dropping...maybe when he dumped the entire container of milk on the floor? Or when he said, "Make a mess again, Mom." Oh, the cheek! It's too adorable. 

Commenters absolutely couldn't get enough of this savage toddler.
"'Make a mess again mom' gets me every time"
"the 'something else, bye' always gets me hahaha"
"Jonah is the personification of a child's intrusive thoughts, I swear"
"aww even when he’s ruthless he’s cute!"
"He's just out here letting all his impulsive thoughts win."
"Laura really tries to gentle parent but her kids don’t be gentle childrening"

That last comment is too funny. So true! What do you do if you're trying to be a gentle parent but your kid is a savage? Of course, he's also a darling little sweetie, and every toddler can be a savage. So you've just got to stick with it. And try to have a sense of humor about those messes.