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Toddler Has Hilarious Way of Saying Water

Um, what?

Hearing the way toddlers mispronounce words is one of the great joys of parenthood. You never know how they're going to twist a certain word, and sometimes parents are the only ones who can understand this toddler-speak: It's a way of understanding that certain noises represent certain words, in a way. 

Like the toddler in this video from @lizziesoukup. She's clearly asking for water, which we know because her mom knows that's what she's asking for. Otherwise, though? In all honesty, what this toddler is trying to say is anybody's guess. It's not like she's even shooting for the word "water," necessarily; it's more like she's just making noises. But they're really, really cute noises.


Um, excuse me but what? We'll go with water, sure. Sometimes kids get a word so spectacularly wrong you almost wish that's what the word was supposed to be. And the cute little "yep" to confirm that yes, she does want water! It's just too sweet. 

Commenters totally loved this little gal's way of communicating. How could they not?
“That’s what I said, isn’t it?” 
"He speaks a secret language"
"I love when babies do this!"
"FER CUTE!! my son did this, but it meant "noodles"!"
"The final “blep” nod really sent me"
"That’s how my neice used to say banana she grew out of it"
"my favorite thing is when only mom understands their toddler. it's the sweetest thing"

It is pretty sweet. Especially because it's so brief. Before you know it that adorable little girl will be properly speaking all over the place, clearly asking for water or whatever other beverage her heart desires. For now, though, bladebladeblah?