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Toddler Totally Petrified to Step Off Tiny Curb

Perception is everything.

Toddlers can be so endlessly entertaining. Especially because they can be so sure that they're right when they're so, so wrong. It's all about that toddler perception, which unfortunately, isn't always accurate. Alas, it feels so real! 

Take the toddler in this video from @sfayecp. An adorable little boy is standing on what could technically be called some sort of curb, but really just looks like the tiniest bump in the ground. Not to this toddler, though. To this toddler it looks like a giant cliff and there's no way he's gonna be able to make the leap.


Poor little guy, he's so upset! But then, when he finally walks across..."Oh." That little "oh!" He's like, well that was nbd. Instantly, the threat is lifted and he's no longer sad. It's so funny how quickly toddlers can get over things they were monumentally upset about just seconds before. 

In the comments, the mom said this little boy has overcome his fear, hurrah! But commenters still thought the whole thing was adorable:
"Depth perception is a lot to deal with"
"That 'oooh'"
"He said 'oh I was trippin'"
"I love the look of realization."
"Good going mom, with your encouragement he will eventually conquer that tiny step and be stronger for it"
"Life is scary the first time, thank goodness for mommy's hand"
"This was my son when he walked from the carpet to the tile when he first started walking."

Life sure can be tricky when you're a toddler, but that's what mom is there help you figure it out.