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Watch This Toddler Absolutely Belt Out Alicia Keys’ Anthem

This girl really is on fire.

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When it comes to having kids, one of the best parts is seeing how little they hold back from expressing themselves when they're young. When they're feeling something, they feel it out loud. When the music hits and they want to dance, they dance, and when they hear a song that they need to sing along to, they don't hold back. 

Case in point: This toddler on TikTok, who was filmed singing along to Alicia Keys' song "This Girl Is On Fire' like she felt every single word of the lyrics in her soul. She's only three years old, but she's the star of this wedding — at least, on the dance floor, she is.


She's absolutely belting it out, no holding back, and best of all, everyone around her (including the bride) is loving every minute of it, cheering her on along the way. This is her moment! 

It's easy to see why this video went viral and garnered thousands of comments from people who loved watching her lose herself in the music.

"I hope Alicia Keys knows what she's done for girls everywhere," one person commented. Another added, "Yes this is cute, but I hope she ALWAYS carries this kind of attitude about herself. Too many have lost that 'fire'."

One day, she might not sing like this anymore (except for maybe in the car) but we hope this little girl holds onto this part of herself forever. She's a riot!