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Mom Hears Toddler Scurry Out of Her Room and Finds Her In the Cutest Place Ever

There were never such devoted sisters.

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Before adding a second child to the family, may parents worry about how their oldest child will react. Will they rebel against having a sibling and feel like they have to compete for their parents' attention? As much as we hope that our kids will be best friends, it doesn't always work out that way — at least, not at first. 

But this mama on TikTok clearly had nothing to worry about when she welcomed her second baby girl. After she noticed her baby suddenly stopped fussing, she walked into her room to discover the sweetest sister moment ever happening. 

"Baby girl was fussy. I heard my toddler get up and leave her room but I didn't know where she went. Baby girl got really quiet so I went to check on her and found them like this," Mom shared at the beginning of the video. 

Then, she showed what was happening in her youngest's room. Her daughter had climbed into the crib with her baby sister and was comforting her — just like a big sister should. She was so gentle with her little sis, stroking her arm, and as she told her mom, she was worried about her because she was sad. This is too cute! 

In the comments, Mom shared that they're almost three years apart in age, and it looks like her oldest is really taking her job as a big sister seriously. Plenty of people gushed over the video, with one attributing the toddler's kindness to the way she's been parented.

"She sees the way you treat them and models it! You’re doing a good job," one commenter wrote.

Way to go, Mom. Here's hoping these two will have a relationship like this for life.