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Mom Catches Toddler Crying Over Newborn Sister and His Reason Why Is Just Too Precious

That’s love right there, pure and simple.

You never know how a toddler is going to react to getting a new brother or sister. Hopefully, they're happy about the new addition (or at least not openly unhappy about it), which means lots of snuggly newborn/toddler moments to come. Sometimes, if you get really lucky, a llttle one will be more than just happy about getting a sibling...they'll be over the moon. That's the case with the boy in this video from @jlynphotography and his brand new baby sister. And when his mom catches him having an emotional moment with the infant, his explanation is just too cute.


Because he loves her too much! Awww, buddy. Now he knows what it's like to be a parent! Seriously though, talk about an unbreakable bond. This little boy is always going to be there for his little sister, protecting her and guiding her. And this little girl is never going to feel alone. Just imagine when they're both in school, and she knows her big brother is just a few grades ahead if she needs him. Or when they're on the playground, and she's not quite sure if she can make it onto the next monkey bar...her big bro will be there to help out. Love to see this sweet sibling relationship begin. 

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