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Baby Watches Video Of Deceased Big Sister and His Reaction Is Everything

Whew, bust out the tissues for this one,

Some things are so tragic but so beautiful at the same time, and it's so important to be able to see that beauty in moments that would otherwise just break you. This video from @gianimom is an example of one of those heartbreaking times.

The mom's daughter, Millie, passed away at age 5 in 2019, and never got to meet her little brother Gio, who was born the year after she died. But of course Millie lives on in videos and photos, and the mom made the most adorable split screen video of her son watching her daughter sing Yankee Doodle Dandy. If this doesn't make you cry, nothing on this whole entire earth will.


"They never got to meet in this life but they know and love each other," the mom wrote. It's just unbearably sweet, watching the expressions on his little face as he watches his big sister sing. What this mom must go through when she watches this is unimaginable. 

Commenters were so moved, and couldn't help but notice that the two looked so much alike, almost like twins. 
"They knew each other in heaven! She sent him"
"They are identical"
"It’s like he recognizes her that smile"
"Aww so sweet I lost my son in 2019 and his twin brother always says he’s playing with him I believe she’s with him too"
"She picked him specifically for you!"
"she's his guardian angel"
"he knows who she is he feels it in his heart they've met before"

Such a beautiful moment between two siblings that will be bonded forever, no matter what.