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Toddler Wakes Mom Up At 2 AM For a Snack… Here’s Why She Got Her One

Actually, this is a really good point.

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Most parents have at least some sort of rule around meals and snack time — and offering something to eat to a toddler in the middle of the night doesn't usually fit into those rules. But now, there's one mom who's making us rethink our stance about snacks after bedtime.

On TikTok, a mom shared a clip of her toddler asking her for a snack at 2 AM, and since her "kitchen doesn't have set open hours", she got out of bed and obliged. Cue the clips of a very happy baby sitting on the counter and enjoying apple slices with her mom! 


According to Mom, her daughter woke her up at 2 AM saying that "her belly says it is hungry," so she got up and made her a snack — from the video, it looks like Evy got to munch on apples, cheese, and turkey.

"When I was a kid I would have had to lay there ignoring my body's cues," Mom wrote in the video. "I'm so proud she knows to listen to her body & that she feels safe enough to come to me at any time day or night." 

After eating, she brushed her teeth and went back to bed, and she looked so grateful for the help she got from her mommy.

Raising "good" eaters can be tough, but sometimes, we just have to bring it back to the basics: Feed kids when they're hungry. Their bodies know best!