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Toddler Gets Frustrated With Teaching Her Mom to Dance

Like it's so hard?

Sometimes, little kids are actually pretty great teachers. Sounds weird, but when a small child is skilled at something they tend to be really patient about sharing that knowledge, maybe because they're still in the learning phase of life and they know how people need to learn. That's sometimes, though. Because other times, little kids do not have a lot of patience, particularly for their parents, who they expect to figure stuff out pretty fast. What happens if a parent doesn't get whatever they're being taught perfectly? In this hilarious video from @lopez.itsalaina_1, a 3-year-old girl is trying to teach her mom how to do a dance for the camera. Mom pretty much has the steps down, she's got her groove going on...but is it good enough for her teacher? Maybe not.


She was just over sharing the spotlight with a dancer who wasn't up to her skill level. (Also, it looks like she was about to add a cartwheel into the mix, maybe?) Either way, the frustration she feels with her mom is so hilarious. She's so passionate about getting the dance right, and mom is totally messing her up. (Although she looked like she was doing it pretty much right? Apparently not good enough.) Commenters got a huge kick out of the whole thing.
"She’s like “excuse me I’m trying to show them my moves & let me shine"
"she’s adorable"
"the kart wheel prepppp"
"You wasn’t giving what she needed you to give mama"
"She said “if you ain’t goin all out, MOVE”
Hey, as parents, all we can do is try to keep up with our kids. They're always going to be a step ahead when it comes to the latest dance craze (even when they're 3 years old).