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Teen and Toddler Have Hilarious Sibling Argument

You're never too old for a sibling squabble

When one thinks about bickering siblings, one generally pictures siblings that are sort of within a few years of each other. Big siblings and little siblings fight,sure, but you don't usually think about siblings with a large age span between them having arguments. 

As this video from @jessicakaucher proves, siblings don't have to be close in age at all to get into a tiff. Especially when the little one seems to have quite the mischeivous streak. 

Get back in that closet, sissy! That little one is pretty feisty. You can see why big sister wants to just stay in the closet, or the pantry, or whatever that is. Toddlers just get so much glee out of constraining big people in small spaces. Not to mention having control over anyone and anything. 

The funny thing is, probably most of the time these two get along just fine. In fact, big sister probably does lots of stuff to help take care of her little brother. She might even babysit sometimes. But that doesn't mean she's not going to get a little annoyed from time to time when her energetic little brother is having himself a hilarious time locking her in the closet over and over again. 

"I was laughing so hard," wrote the mom in a comment. "She was so annoyed with him lol he was giving her hell"

That's just family at the end of the day. You've just got to get annoyed with each other from time to time.