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Toddler's Toilet Paper Seat Idea Is Genius

So clever!

One thing that most babies have in common (even including puppies and kittens) is a love for and fascination with toilet paper. There are so many things that toilet paper can do! You can unravel it, you can tear it, you can send it rolling down the hallway. The fun never ends with toilet paper.. 

Including the very clever way the adorable toddler in this video from @laurenmorris94 has found to use her roll of toilet paper, which she seems thrilled to have. Her very own roll of teepee! What to do with it? Her idea is brilliant.


Aha! A comfy little seat, perfectly sized for her teeny-tiny bottom. And it's portable, too! She looks so proud of herself, carrying her new little chair around. I bet she got really mad if mommy tried to take it away from her, too! It's so funny how toddlers can turn nearly any household item into a toy, and yet not every toy captures their interest. Wouldn't a brightly colored musical toy be more fun than a toilet paper roll? Nope, not in toddler world. 

Commenters thought she was just an adorable little sweetie. "She's creative!" said one. "Too cute," wrote another. Yet another non U.S.-based commenter pointed out that U.S. toilet paper rolls are huge! So perhaps this toilet-paper-roll-as-seat thing wouldn't work in another country. You really need a well-padded roll to support that toddler butt.