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Toddler Is Heartbroken That She Can't Fit in Toy Cart

It must look like so much fun.

The thing about toddlers (or one of the things, anyway) is that they get really big ideas in their heads and sometimes they hold on to those ideas with a stubborn ferocity even though it's clear that the ideas are impossible. They especially get this way when they're overtired, hungry, or in any other way physically or emotionally compromised. 

That's what's going on with the toddler in this video from @bbromlow. She's got this super cute little toy shopping cart, perfect for pushing her baby doll around in. But she doesn't want to push her baby doll in the cart. She wants to climb in the cart herself.


Such a tragedy! Oh, if only she could fit in that little cart, what fun she would have. She couldn't even handle how unfair the whole thing was. She had to literally leave the premises. An experienced eye looking at this situation might notice that this little girl seems rather overtired, which means of course she's just going to double down on the cart thing. 

Commenters totally got it...
"Take her to Target right now"
"The dramatic walk away was everything"
"I’m actually more impressed with the fact that she “set” the baby doll down instead of throwing it, even when she had high emotions"
"Oh, poor sweet baby. I’m fairly sure I tried fitting in the basket of my toy cart."
"Oh that face she is just perfect"
"i’ll take her to target if you guys can’t, i need a viable excuse to go rn"
"Actual footage of me trying to fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans"

It's so hard to be a toddler. Nothing makes any sense; even when you really want to do something, there are always reasons why you can't. Someday she'll understand. In the meantime, a nap would help.