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This Toddler Treat Hack is Perfect For Kiddos Who Can't Get Enough Sweets

It might give Mom a break, too.

Try as we might to make sure our toddlers are eating balanced diets, sometimes, it's time for a treat — especially if that treat might give us a few extra minutes of peace. When it's hot outside, we admit to handing out popsicles very liberally, but if those start getting boring, there's a new snack hack we can try.

One mom shared her trick on TikTok, and it's just so simple there's no doubt it would work. Best of all, her hack is using ingredients that you might already have in your pantry, and it's been dietitian approved. What more could we ask for? 


It's really that easy, friends: Just squirt some whipped cream into ice cream cones, add sprinkles, and boom — it's done. It looks like ice cream, even though it's not, and it's not going to melt (as long as you stay in the house with it, anyway). 

A dietitian who stitched this TikTok hack called it "genius," adding, "we do want to keep added sugar low for toddlers, and whipped cream is way lower in added sugar than ice cream. You can also do this with yogurt." 

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The kids in the video seemed pretty happy about it, and honestly, what kid wouldn't be? It has sprinkles! 

"My son loves just the cone! We empty a package of fruit gummies into his," one mom offered in the comments.

There are so many ways to do this, whether you want to keep it simple or make it fancy. Enjoy! 

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