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Living Room Security Camera Catches Sneaky Toddler Tricking Big Sister Into Giving Up the Swing

He’s completely ruthless!

Sometimes we think of younger siblings as being innocent. You know, the ones on the receiving end of the prank. Easy to fool and manipulate. Or so the stereotype goes. But there are exceptions to this rule. Some little brothers and sisters spend all their time observing their older siblings and carefully crafting their own attacks, so to speak. Oftentimes, older kids bring these hijinks upon themselves by messing with their younger siblings. Sometimes for years. In that case, they've really got it coming, and you have to be secretly happy that the younger kids finally get their own. Take the little brother in this video from @badparentingmoments. Clearly a dramatic genius, the little boy is sobbing over his hurt arm. Oh no, what could have happened? His sister is busy playing on the swing, but she'll take a break from swinging to check on her little bro and go get help. Hmm, but does he really have a boo boo on his arm?

That sneaky little guy! He was up and in that swing so fast. But the funniest thing is the way he giggled endlessly as he spun around and around. He got away with his trick! He's so pleased with himself. And who can blame him? Commenters were highly bemused by this crafty fella:
"The evil laugh afterwards"
"And the student becomes the teacher"
"He’s like “go ahead and tell I’ll have the swing for longer”
Wonder what'll happen when big sister gets back and wants to swing again? She might not appreciate having been tricked. Or maybe she'll be impressed. Either way, at some point these two will learn to take turns!