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This Toddler Laying in the Sand is How We All Feel About Family Vacations

She needs a vacation from her vacation.

Let's face it: Family vacations aren't always the most relaxing activity in the world. Sure, you go on vacation to get away from it all, but when you're a parent, "it all" tends to follow you wherever you go since you're still responsible for taking care of your kids. And the destinations we pick when we're bringing kids along are more exhausting to begin with, like theme parks. 

And now, we know our kids get this exhaustion, too... or at least some kids do, according to a video one mom shared on TikTok. Here, we have a little girl laying face down in the sand, because even though her family's trip just started, she's already had enough. Been there! 


Mom is filming this video from the beach, and her kid is already laying in the sand, surrounded by her beach toys. "When we've been on a family vacation for 30 minutes or less," she wrote in her caption. LOL!

Finally, she did manage to get up and brush herself off, so maybe she just needed a few minutes to collect herself. We've all been there, girl — travel can be truly exhausting! 

Besides, what parent among us doesn't understand exactly how she must be feeling? 30 minutes is a long time when you're schlepping children around a beach, after all.

Hope she got a good nap in after she was done playing in the sand!