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Baby Has the Cutest Love/Hate Relationship With Popsicle

So cold!

Babies and toddlers are so passionate about their likes and dislikes. Sometimes they love things so much that they don't even care if there's a drawback. Like babies who for some reason love the taste of lemons and keep going back for more even though they're so sour. 

That's kind of what the baby in this video from @riemcclenny is going through. He's got a popsicle and he loves it. Clearly. He doesn't love the brain freeze or the cold  feeling against his teeth. But...he still loves that popsicle!


So adorable! Brainfreeze is rough, but it's no match for this baby. He loves that popsicle too much. And that cute smile at the end when he looks up like...I did it! I took that bite of popsicle! It's just part of human nature, apparently, to deal with suffering if it means we can have something delicious. 

Commenters were so enchanted by this toddler and his popsicle...
"Lol the struggle HUGO IS SO CUTEEEEE"
"How he holding that without wrapping it in a paper towel"
"Oh, buddy, it hurts my teeth, too!!"

Who knows what else this little guy is going to try with that adventurous spirit? Cold is no match for him, so what about spice? Or tang? Or bitter flavors? It probably helps that his mom is a chef (Tasty producer Rie McClenny). Chef's kids are always exposed to all kinds of amazing taste sensations while they're still at the age when most kids are eating nuggets and mac and cheese

Here's to Hugo and his popsicles! That's a brave boy.