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Toddler Is Totally Determined to Steal Mom’s Nachos

Where there's a will, there's a way

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While there are plenty of things that don't hold a toddler's attention for more than a few seconds, if there's something a toddler is really interested in? Expect laser-like focus until the object is attained. Once a toddler gets it into their head that something should indeed be theirs, they will do everything in their power to make sure that happens. 

Take the adorable little girl in this video from @nolanohana. As the mom wrote: "If you look up the word 'determination' in the dictionary, this little girl will surely show up as the definition. She saw me leave my plate of nachos on the counter but never saw me take them down."

What happened next? Just an elaborate, multi-step plan including pushing furniture over to more furniture so she can climb up for those nachos (which actually aren't there anymore). 

So hilarious. The funniest part is that after she got up to the top of the chair, it's like she almost forgot about the nachos. Now she's found an entirely new world to explore on a whole different level. Who knows what else is on that counter? Maybe something even better than nachos. It's also too funny how she stops on her journey for a quick conference with her sibling. Do you think she somehow communicated her plan?

Commenters thought this baby's determination was next-level adorable. Some were concerned that she might not get have gotten any nachos in the end, but most people praised this mom for letting her little one troubleshoot and problem-solve all on her own without interfering. (Which is exactly why she deserves some nachos now, right?)

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