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Mom Makes a Case for Why Toddlers Are Actually Awesome and We Totally Agree

It’s a tough but special age.

No matter what age and stage your child happen to be in, there are challenges and moments of joy that come along with it. For a lot of parents, the toddler stage is one that is particularly tough — it's not easy dealing with tantrums, which really ramp up during this time. Many toddler parents are just counting down the days until their children can communicate and cope with their emotions better! 

And while there's no denying that parenting a toddler can be really stressful, there's a lot to love about this age, too. If you're a toddler mom in the thick of it and need a reminder of how much fun they can be, this TikTok is for you.


Over footage of her dancing around the living room with her coffee as her toddler son watches, one mom shared what she really loves about this age. 

"My favorite thing about toddlers is that they have so much fun doing the little things. Want to have a dance party in the living room at 9 am? They are here for it. It's like living with a tiny hype person that follows you around and laughs at everything you do," she wrote.

That's exactly it — minus the times when that hype person gets mad at you for giving them the wrong color fork with their dinner, but hey, we all have our moments.

In the comments, plenty of moms had to agree with her. One wrote, "My toddler and I had a car dance party to the Ghostbusters song on repeat on the way to get coffee and donuts this morning." 

Some days, we can't wait 'til bedtime arrives... other days, we really have to love our kiddos for the fun stage they're in.