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Dad Perfectly Illustrates How Toddlers React to Being Told No to the Playground

They don't take bad news well.

When it comes to toddlers, the park and the playground are basically the best destinations that ever existed. Playing outside, screaming, running — it includes all of their favorite things. And it's a break for us too, since we can let them have fun while we finally get to sit down and catch our breath (sometimes for the first time all day). 

But boy, does that make it all the more difficult to say no to the park when the weather doesn't allow us to visit. And as one dad hilariously showed on TikTok, our kids generally do not react well to this news if they thought the playground was in their future that day.


"We're not going to the park today. You're just gonna have to get over it," Dad says in the video. "We're gonna be stuck inside all day, it's supposed to rain with possibility of tornadoes in the area so we'll just have to find something fun to do inside." 

Cue the response clip: A scene from Stepbrothers featuring Will Ferrell (and plenty of expletives) that pretty accurately portrays exactly how a kid would react to hearing this kind of news from their parents. LOL! 

"Sounds like my kids when it's 104° and the real feel is like 110.° My kids are like it's fine that's not hot," one mom commented. Yep, we've all heard that before! 

Not all days can be playground days, but when that happens, our fingers are crossed your kids handle it as well as possible.