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Girl Receives IOU From Tooth Fairy Because of Her Dirty Room and Her Reaction Was Hysterical

She is a little in shock.

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Part of the magic of being a little kid definitely has to be those visits from the tooth fairy. Though losing teeth can be painful (and a little scary at first), children are easily distracted by the fun of putting their lost tooth under their pillow and waking up to a surprise. Who wouldn't love that? 

But as it turns out, some tooth fairies are sticklers for keeping things tidy. As one mom shared on TikTok, her daughter received an IOU letter instead of cash for her tooth because her room was dirty, and the newly toothless little girl was totally stunned by this development.

This is both funny and genius. Why didn't we think of it first?!


In a note she left on the little girl's door, the tooth fairy wrote, "I couldn't get into your room last night to get your baby teeth. Can you clean it tonight before you go to bed?"

She was totally speechless afterwards, but something tells us she's definitely going to make sure her room is clean before she goes to bed! And according to the comments, this is not the only mom out there who has tried something like that.

"We always had to clean the living room before Santa or the Easter Bunny came so they wouldn’t trip over anything. I’m 32 and I still do it," one person wrote. 

This is brilliant. We're definitely taking notes.