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Mom Brilliantly Explains to Kids How To Spot a Bad Adult

It’s important to have these tough conversations with them.

Some things are really tough to talk about with kids. Not just because the subject matter is sensitive and difficult to bring up with little ones, but because it can be tough to make innocent kids understand that there are bad people in the world. It's not easy for them to understand why someone would want to hurt them. And why should it be easy to understand? It's not easy for adults to comprehend why these people exist, either. Unfortunately, though, predators are out there, and it's our job to warn our kids about them. In this super smart video, @hardtruthstake4 explains how she tells her kids about predators in the world and how to recognize them. It's a pretty brilliant approach...she uses nature documentaries to draw paraellels between animal world predators and the human kind. 


Everything she says is so true. It's hard to think about this kind of stuff on a daily basis, and no parent wants to contemplate the fact that there are bad, dangerous people out there who want to hurt their kids. But we need to tell our children the truth so they know how to recognize these threats when they're faced with them. Even if it feels like they're too young to deal with this kind of thing, there is age-appropriate information we can give them. The example of the lion desensitizing the gazelles? Genius. Commenters were so impressed:
"Yes! This is such a gentle yet comprehensive way to talk about these topics with kids!!"
"you are great. I'm going to use this. I have two little girls."
"It’s very important that the conversation is had. When it doesn’t, the child doesn’t know to tell anyone"
"Lessons from nature! Excellent. My heart weeps for the children who don’t have anyone to teach them about danger."
There's no question that this mom is doing an excellent job of teaching her kids about potential danger and how to stay safe. And any parent can do the same!