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Mom Shares Her Secret to Helping Daughter Ditch Toxic Friend

Mama saw the BS a mile away

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Everybody wants their kids to make good friends and have the kind of relationships that make the good times better and the bad times bearable. Kid relationships can be hard to navigate, so sometimes, they need some guidance, but if you've got the groundwork for some good friendships there that's all you need to work with.

Unfortunately, not everybody who approaches our children, claiming to want to be "friends," has pure intentions. Sometimes there's jealousy at play, or other nefarious reasons for the "friendship." And it's up to a child's parents to weed through their friends and make sure they're all on the level. That's what @therocknrollmom had to do for her daughter when a girl came sniffing around, wanting to be "friends," but quickly turned toxic. 

Hey, sometimes kids need someone to protect them from these people, whoever they are, whatever their reasons for being destructive may be. Sure, this girl is probably not having a great time at home and the mom couldn't help but feel sorry for her, but at the end of the day, this girl's issue should not become her daughter's problems. They're still kids, they shouldn't be responsible for fixing their friend's problems. 

Commenters commended this mom for getting involved and making sure her daughter didn't get hurt, with many people calling out that mother's sense of intuition as a real thing. It's true, we've got to be conscious of the people our kids are hanging out with and why, and if we even need to intervene. 

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