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Mom Says Boys Were Tired of Traditional Sports So She Had Them Do This Instead

Let kids think outside the box...

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Some kids are really into run-of-the-mill sports — baseball, basketball, soccer... you know the drill. But others can get easily bored of kicking or throwing a ball around, and that's where one mom's creativity in keeping her children active really came in handy. 

According to the TikTok video this mom shared, her sons didn't feel like playing sports, so instead, she asked them to pick a hobby. And once you see the video, you'll understand why they seem to be having way more fun with the activities they ended up doing instead. These kids are so cool!


Her 12-year-old ended up picking scuba diving and actually ended up getting certified, while her fearless 10-year-old opted for indoor sky diving instead. These definitely aren't activities we would have thought of suggesting to our own kids, but it's obvious that these kids are having fun and staying active at the same time, which seems to have been their mom's goal all along.

And while some people in the comments griped about how much this must have cost, others were inspired by the mom's approach.

"Starting to contemplate this. Traditional sports are out of control. It's not about the kids having fun anymore," one person wrote.

It's definitely something to think about — and there are plenty of other out of the box activities that are more budget friendly, too. Hmm...