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Trans Daughter Records What It Sounds Like When a Conservative Mom Loves Her “Anyway”

Living proof that just because your beliefs are different, your love doesn’t have to be.

Being a parent should be about loving your children completely unconditionally, no matter who they are, who they love, or what their gender identity might be. But unfortunately, not all children have parents who are able to give them that kind of love. It's heartbreaking to see the number of kids (and adults) who become someone who isn't accepted by their families.

But despite differences in politics or beliefs, some parents still manage to accept and love their kids for who they are, including this mom on TikTok. Her trans daughter shared a conversation she had with her mom the first time she saw her in two years, and we just wish more trans kids had parents like this.


In the video, which is titled "this is what it sounds like when religious/conservative mom loves her trans daughter," we see her daughter get into the car for the first time after she came out to her as trans. 

It's easy to tell how nervous the daughter is in this video, but fortunately, her mom had words of reassurance ready for her.

"Well, it's a change, right?" Mom said. "It's the first time, so it's an adjustment." 

Her daughter admitted that she didn't think her mom was going to "react very well" because of how conservative she is, but Mom had an answer ready for that, too. Keeping it simple, she reminded her daughter that she loves her and that they're going to have fun together. Aww!

This mom and daughter might not share beliefs, but we can see that Mom is trying — and that she's making sure her daughter knows she's loved in the process. That's what it's all about!