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Mom of Teen Trans Son Quits For Him After Learning His Adult Co-Workers Purposefully Misgendered Him

How could anyone be that cruel to a kid?

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Being a teenager is hard. Being a trans teen is hard. Being a trans teen working a new job is hard. All of these things are hard, even with the proper support. But when you're a trans teen trying to work at a job and your adult bosses are deliberately making things hard for you by misgendering you, that's just not okay.

In this video from @littlechevygirl, we learn that's exactly what happened to her trans son. So his mom isn't just okay with him quitting, she's actually calling up the store and doing it for him. And she's giving them a piece of her mind, too. 

It's so touching when the mom starts to get emotional, and at least the manager she spoke with was super compassionate and helpful. But that doesn't change the fact that her kid is out of a job, and that he went through a really traumatic experience. The mom plans on going straight to the company's corporate department to really make a formal complaint about these awful managers. 

Commenters were supportive of this mom's efforts, encouraging her to take her complaint as far as it can go. 
"Take it all the way mama! Great job!"
"Make that call to corporate and use the word 'discrimination.'"
"Good job! Standing up for your child! THIS IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FROM A PARENT"
"You handled it so well. The person on the phone is probably also suffering working with these...people."

This is what supporting your kid looks like: Showing up for them in ways you maybe never thought you'd have to, but always standing up for them in every situation, no matter what.