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Teen Comes Out to Younger Siblings as Trans and Their Reaction Is So Heartwarming

The kids are gonna be all right.

Coming out is never easy, and coming out to your own family might be one of the hardest things a person will ever have to do. Sometimes it's harder to show your real self to your family than anyone else. Even though they're the people who love you more than anybody else in the world, their approval and acceptance feels so incredibly important.

In this video from @bluenotpink, we see a trans teen coming out to his younger siblings, and their reaction is just about as good as it gets. Even if the teen is so nervous at the beginning, he makes everybody start singing...and he writes his message on a cake.


Awww. It's so sweet how totally normal and natural the kids are about the whole thing, just like, that's cool, can we have ice cream with that cake or what? It's clear that they want him to feel like everything is chill and they're fine with whatever he wants to do and he's always just going to be their goofball sibling who uses too many sprinkles. 

Commenters were so happy for this teen, with some even wishing they'd had similar experiences with their own families...
"you're so lucky that they were so supportive I would give anything for my parents to have been like that when I came out"
"im so so proud of you!! you did amazing :)"
"“hi they/them, how are you today” is so pure"
"“Ok but how are we going to eat all that cake” is EXACTLY the right response. Love to see the support"
"“Somebody start singing” Your parents def understood the assignment. Congrats homie! This is awesome."

This is such a beautiful scene of a loving, supportive family. All trans teens deserve a family who's there for them no matter what.